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Superior Business Solutions

"Louisville's leader in new Client Acquisition and Customer Retention."

About Us

Our Mission

We pride ourselves in helping each other grow.  We focus on building and designing campaigns that allow us to bring our clients life-long customers, increased brand-name recognition, and high levels of customer loyalty. 

Our Partnerships

Superior  Business Solutions represents some of the world's most recognized brands. Our vision is focused on penetrating new customer markets for our clients. 

We are known for being very focused on each individual’s talents and career goals. Our employees enjoy a very modern environment with a fun atmosphere which encourages high energy and passion!

Client Services

 Superior is leading the way in outsourced retail sales and customer service. We provide the services listed below to our current clients.   
-New Customer Acquisition-

-Retention Management-

-Campaign Development-  

-Workforce Optimization-

-Client Development-

-Brand Representation-

-Promotional Marketing-

-Account Management-

Superior's focus

Key Results Come From:


--Student Mentality


--Time Management

Self Growth Passed Along

Superior allows the environment for someone who wants to grow and challenge themselves to their highest standards, but not to stop at themselves. We offer the opportunity for you to teach the next generation of business leaders as well.

Retail Environment

When it comes to retail and sales, we spend quality time with each team member on training and coaching to ensure you are ready for success. We see our way of things thriving, when typically in this industry you might not see growth. We work hard to allow the opportunity for each team member to improve daily.

Competitive & Performance Based Promotions

Our promotions and recognition are based on your performance in the workplace, including both leadership skills and quality of work, NOT your previous experiences or tenure. The experiences and skills acquired here at Superior will help transform the trajectory of your professional career path.


 We work hard to create positive representation of our clients, believing that reputation is built by both perception and experiences.  


We love individuality, and realize how important it is to personalize each employee's training process. Our one-on-one training provides further success and availability for one to ask questions and receive the best opportunity to reach their highest potential. 

Superior Business Solutions


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